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The Benefits Of Cream Chargers

Cream chargers have helped a lot of whipped cream makers around the world, as it provides the number one component needed to make the cream foamy. That component is Nitrous Oxide, which is packed in these cream chargers and are released within the dispensers once you set it up. The cream chargers are excellent for recreational and business purposes.

But what exactly are the benefits that you can get when using the cream chargers? Below are the following:

Stays Fresh For A Long Time

If the classic way of making whipped cream is done, you can still get the nitrous oxide from the atmosphere as you whisk the cream, since nitrogen is present in our atmosphere. However, the whipped cream will not stay foamy for a long time, since the whipped cream does not have a consistent amount of nitrous oxide to hold it, compared to how the charger provides it once the cream is sealed in the dispensers.

Keeping the cream fresh with the help of cream chargers and its dispenser ensures that it will not spoil for a short amount of time. Some say that whipped cream can last for more than 2 weeks if you place it in the cream dispenser and charger instead. Cream chargers are known to have a seal that’s totally impenetrable, unless you strike it with a sharp object and with enough strength. This is what makes cream chargers recommended for food businesses that use whipped cream.

Saves A Lot of Time

Whipped cream chargers eliminates the arduous work of consistently whipping the cream for a few minutes, which can be a tiring task for some. With the help of the cream chargers (nangs) and the dispenser, all you have to do is just place the cream mixture into the dispenser, seal the charger in it, and start applying the cream to any food or drinks that you deem worthy of having whipped cream on top.

It also helps you save a lot of time because it will let you prepare your pastries or other dishes faster, especially if you’re doing it all alone. Once the cream is applied in the whipped cream dispenser (also know as a nanganator) and charger (MOSA cream chargers are a good choice), all you need to do is just wait for 2 minutes in order for the whipped cream to become foamy. This is very comparable to the 4 minutes timeframe of whipping continuously in order to make the cream foamy.

Increases the Volume Of Cream

One of the well-known benefits of using a cream charger for your whipped cream is the fact that it can increase the amount of cream present in the dispenser. This can save you some cream, which is beneficial for businesses in order to maximize the usage of their supply. Aside from letting you save a lot of cream for your bulk supply, you will be able to save a lot of money over time as well.

For everyone’s information, the cylinders found in the market are often measured 580g in terms of nitrous oxide capacity. According to researchers, this amount is equal to 70 pieces of solo cream chargers. Just imagine the amount of whipped cream that you can make with it?

This is Not Just Good For Cream

Using whipped cream chargers and dispensers are actually a versatile solution in the kitchen. Aside from using the regular whipped cream, you can also place batter and preserve it for a long time so then it can be ready to use for making pancakes at any time you want. You can also make froths, a type of semi-solid food that’s made of soup, vegetable oil or meat stock. Some even use whipped cream dispensers in order to create cocktails that’s perfect for a fine party.

Very Affordable

Lastly, the whipped cream chargers are also well-known for its affordability. These won’t cost too high at all, where some can be bought for less than $5. The whipped cream charger prices vary greatly though, as the quality is what differentiates the price of one charger to one of its competitors. There are a lot of brands there that are noteworthy to try out despite being cheap as well. Just check the product reviews for you to become well-aware of its overall quality.

Whipped cream chargers are known to be one of the most innovative solutions in the market of products meant for food preparation. Gladly, manufacturers made it more affordable over time so then more and more people can use it, as well as even more small businesses so then they can get started with creating the food product of their dreams. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the finest cream chargers in the market, buy one, and start making that whipped cream that you always want to get your hands (and mouth) of!

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